Saturday, May 15, 2010

Version 1.1 Now Available!

This version brings with it the following changes:

  • Unread badges now available for Reader!
  • Added option to automatically reload Gmail or Reader tabs if you move to that tab and there are new items since last visit.
  • Added option to use desktop versions of Gmail, Calendar or Reader as default (please note that only Basic HTML is currently available for Gmail and that for Calendar the user is alerted that not all features may work in Mobile Safari).
  • Enabled Tasks for iPad (not all features may work due to limitations in Google's implementation on iPad) .
  • iPhone/iPod status bar is now black to match iPad version
  • Minor tweaks to link detectors (now detects attachments in Gmail properly).
  • The application no longer checks for updates while device is asleep (if app is open).  It will automatically check when device leaves sleep.  This is to preserve battery life.
  • Updated documentation (explanation of settings).
  • Bypassed pop-up regarding Frame error that was seen for some external links
Keep the suggestions coming!


  1. Hi. Downloaded the app but the calendar shows up in French. Any idea why?

  2. @Danielle: We've gotten a few sporadic reports of the Calendar and other services showing up in different languages. This issue is not specific to G-Whizz! but seems to be a Google-issue even in the Safari browser. I did a quick search online and found this link in Google's help forums:

    This response from within that thread may be helpful:

    "I was having this same problem: my desktop/laptop google calendar was set to English, but on my iphone it was in French. I changed my desktop language to French and then checked my iphone and my iphone google calendar was in English. I went back to my desktop/laptop google calendar and changed it back to English and my iphone stayed with the English language. This worked for me."

    Let me know if this helps so we can tell other users as well! Hopefully Google will fix this troublesome issue!

  3. Please add support own domain name!
    I bought the app bug I'm unable to login because the app automaticly puts and replaces all other @.

  4. If you check the settings you'll find that you can enable Google Apps and enter your Apps address there. Check the FAQ on the app Google Groups if you have other questions. Thanks!