Wednesday, September 8, 2010

G-Whizz! Pro version 1.2 has been released!

Thanks for all your patience while G-Whizz! version 1.2 has been in review.  For some reason unknown to us, it was in review for almost 3 months and has finally been approved.  Here are the changes in this version:

✔ Full support for multitasking in iOS 4!
✔ Full Retina Display compatibility for iPhone 4!
✔ Facebook and Twitter mobile apps now included!
✔ Read it Later and Tweet This browser actions!
✔ Application badge (see number of unread events from the home screen)!
✔ Now loads all tabs on startup for quicker browsing (with option to disable this if your internet connection can't handle it)!
✔ In-app Settings tab
✔ Tap to reload tabs

✔ Almost all known remaining crash bugs fixed
✔ Better memory usage
✔ Fixed broken docs links

Also, please note that we've become aware of a bug in this version that causes the ratings prompt to appear every time at startup.  This is more noticeable on iPad then iPhone (because of the iPhone's multitasking).  We've already submitted a fix for this and hope that it will be approved soon.  Please don't take this out on us in the ratings!  :)  Thanks for your continued feedback!


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